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Goodbye, Gym! Free YouTube Fitness Channels I’m Still Using a Year Later – Slickdeals

Before the lockdown in March 2020, I had been using free YouTube workout videos on and off. But when staying home became the safest option, I decided to test YouTube as my main source of exercise and scheduled workout calls with friends to keep myself accountable.

I Now Save Over $500 Per Year and Look Forward to Working Out

More than a year later, these YouTube videos have not only established an exercise routine I actually look forward to, but also allowed me to focus on working out and not worry about the logistics of driving to the gym, finding parking, waiting for free machines or even checking the clock (e.g., most channels have a countdown timer in the upper video corner so I don’t even need to time myself).

Cost-wise, I’ve also saved $507 (average $37.71/month + fees) that would have been spent on a year’s gym membership. I have probably saved even more if you count the fact that I don’t need new workout clothes to impress anyone and can just recycle my favorite looks and gear.

1. No Equipment Required and a Mood-Booster

Subscribers: 250k
Great for: Exercise that feels fun, Zumba-lovers
Equipment: none

Kyra Pro is my favorite quarantine find, and what sets her dance workouts apart from those on other channels is the music. Her workouts feature almost every radio hit and music genre—my go-to’s are compilations of musicals and movies like this nostalgic “Disney Dance Workout Series” and more niche eras like “80’s Dance Workout.”

Not only is Kyra’s choreography easy to learn, but it also incorporates a variety of strength and cardio (expect a lot of squat variations) and puts me in a good mood.

2. Beginner-Friendly and a There’s Video for Every Mood

Subscribers: 9.8 million
Great for: Low-impact exercise, mental wellness, relieving pain
Suggested Equipment: Yoga mat

I first discovered Yoga With Adriene when trying to relieve a sore neck from WFH. Immediately, her calming tone and easy-to-follow stretches put me at ease. I’ve since completed 150+ yoga videos ranging from treating back pain to sculpting muscles to mindful meditations.

If you’re just starting out, I highly recommend her beginner-friendly 30-Day Series. Otherwise, more experienced yogis can search around—there’s a video for every situation, even “Yoga For When You Feel Dead Inside.”

Plus, score a great deal on yoga mats with these sales:

3. Pep Talks and How to Use What You Have on Hand (Wine Bottles!)

Subscribers: 5.5 million
Great for: Getting motivation from a personal trainer, Pilates-lovers
Suggested Equipment: Yoga mat

If you exercise best with empowering pep talks and trendy challenges, then try Blogilates. Founded by Cassey Ho, a pre-med student turned pilates instructor, Blogilates focuses on strength and flexibility in small movements that look easy but usually leave me sweating and out of breath the most!

Best of all, you don’t need weights for her workouts! Instructor Cassey provides creative alternatives that work just as well, such as wine bottles in this Apartment-Friendly Toned Arms video. If you want to try something new, Ho also uploads trendy challenges to her Instagram such as this fun plank choreography challenge. Lastly, Cassey’s pep talks include tips she’s learned from her own fitness journey to provide a more personal guide on integrating fitness into everyday life.

4. Intense Sessions with Detailed Explanations and Screen Timers

Subscribers: 6.6 million
Great for: Beginners and couples looking to improve overall fitness or follow guided sets
Equipment: Yoga mat, weights

FitnessBlender is managed by Daniel & Kelli, a couple passionate about keeping exercise simple. Their workouts range from high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which alternates short bursts of intense aerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods, to strength exercises that you can use weights with or modify with your body weight.

Each video explains a move’s proper form and benefits matter-of-factly, which is refreshing as it’s easy to get lost in ever-changing fitness myths and fads. If I want to get the most out of my time, I’ll turn to this 15-minute Metabolism Abs Booster video or a longer 25 minute Cardio Kickboxing video.

Find on great today deals on weights online on Amazon, Walmart and more:

Before you start in seriously on any workout series on YouTube, consider trying out YouTube Premium (get it free with this deal) which will rid you of having to watch any commercials while you’re trying to hold a plank.

Great reads:

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